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Clergy, Staff and Leadership



Community Pastor Bill Moxon

Bill was raised in a conservative Christian family near Windsor, CO. They bought their place in Red Feather Lakes in the mid 1990s. Bill loves Mountains, God, Oceans, 2 wheel conveyances, sailing, Jesus, Darla and the family God has made of them. Bill is still a missionary at heart, trying his best to figure out how to be a godly Pastor at Chapel in the Pines! He delights in seeing the family of God at Chapel grow with folks from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. Bill studied Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder until they got too picky about his grades. He transferred to Abilene Christian University, completing a Bachelors degree in Intercultural Communication and meeting a girl that had a missionary dream. They fell in love and both followed that dream to Haiti. (They were ordained by Redwood Church in Redwood City, CA) Bill directed a water well drilling project while Darla began a school sponsorship project. During each summer they hosted high school youth groups and college students from all across the US. Before they knew it they had 3 daughters of their own. The extreme challenges of living and serving in Haiti formed something of a crucible for Bill which is where he found the importance of seeking God each morning in God's Word and prayer. He remains passionate to share these discoveries with anyone who will listen. The amazing people of Haiti certainly had at least as much impact upon Bill as he may have made on them. They helped Bill to realize the "spiritual world" that is just as real as the physical world that surrounds us. After working in Haiti for 8 years, extreme instability in Haiti resulted in their being attacked twice by an armed gang of terrorists roaming the country as they were living on the remote farm that they had planted in a village. Their ministry headquarters temporarily closed the ministry and requested for them to return back to the States. They returned with broken hearts and a shattered dream. The family of five eventually returned to Bill's old stomping grounds and tried to heal and put their lives back together. Bill got a job as a technician at a small manufacturing company, eventually working up to becoming their Application Engineering Manager after almost 11 years. During that time they helped start a new church in Greeley, Journey Christian Church. Bill served on their worship team, began a men's discipleship group, and later served on the board of Elders. Bill and Darla began and coordinated the prayer ministry there as well. Bill and Darla also instructed new missionaries in Haitian Kreole for a couple years. Bill's heart remained on the mission field, taking short trips with his daughters, once to Guatemala and once to Osaka, Japan. When his oldest daughter Corrie finished high school she had an opportunity to return to Haiti with one of the missionary families that had been in their Kreole class. Bill and Corrie went together in the Fall of 2009. It was their first time back in Haiti since the attacks 12 years earlier! Corrie remained for 3 months but returned for Christmas vacation with her family still in Greeley. The night before she was supposed to fly back to Haiti the island nation was devastated by an earthquake in the capitol city Port-au-Prince. Bill returned numerous times after the earthquake and eventually Bill, Darla, and their youngest daughter Emily were invited to move back and return to the work they'd left over a decade before. Journey Christian Church ordained and partially supported Bill and Darla to move back to Haiti. Bill felt led by God to focus his time only on spiritual ministry all over the Northern coastal region of Haiti. He preached in many churches, discipled younger Christian men, taught in a Biblical seminary for Pastors, and the whole family helped serve an orphanage that had been founded next door to the farm/ well drilling project they'd started in the 1990s. Bill and Darla met some other missionaries from the island of Trinidad and were invited to come visit and train there for a short period. Bill and Darla returned to the States after their 2nd term of six years. The only place they still owned in the US by this time was the cabin Bill's mom had purchased in the early 90s and Bill and Darla enjoy fulltime mountain life.

Church Secretary


Darla Moxon (and Robbie)
Phone: (970) 881-3508
Part- time: Tues. 9-12, Fri. 9-12
(Please leave a message if you reach our voicemail)


David Wohl
Phone: (970) 402-3539


Council Leaders/Humble Servants of God
Lay people exercise a vital role in the governance and ministry of our church.


Jo Johnson – President

Many of you know me as the tacher "that's been around forever" at Livermore and Red Feather Elementary Schools. This career filled 26 years of my 44 years on the mountain. I can't give it up quite yet and still substitute every now and then. But many of you may not know me as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. My Roman Catholic upbringing set a firm foundation early on. In my 20's I met my love, Lynn Johnson. We married in 1979 and moved to an unfamiliar place called Red Feather Lakes. We settled into this mountain community, raising three daughters and taking care of a ranch in addition to Lynn's full time job at Fox Acres. One I retired, thoughts and questions for my earthly life and purpose became clear. I felt a nudge to explore a place of worship, learn more about God and grow in my faith. I new I needed the support and fellowship of others with the same beliefs. After a few invitations, I finally agreed to visit Chapel in the Pines. I recall how hard it was to enter this new place, feeling awkward and out of place. But thankfully, this was not the case as I was welcomed in a warm and genuine way! My background of Cahtolicism was accepted and honored. As the current Chapel president, I invite you to visit us and am confident you will find a welcome in the same genuine way I did.

Deanna Butherus – Vice President & Chair of Mission and Benevolence

Fred Yates – Treasurer

Peggy Wuenstel – Church Clerk

Ken Hughes – Property and Finance Chair

Sue Kroeber – Worship and Education Chair

Karen Hughes (Member-at-Large) - Pastoral (Visiting Pastors) and Human Relations 

Doug Race (Past President) – Pastoral (Visiting Pastors) and Human Relations Chair

Tammie Miller – Member-at-Large

Jeanne Corbin – Music Director


Melody Pickett - Chapel Thrift Store Volunteer Coordinator


Shirla Race - Memorial Gardens

Deb Kendall – Chapel Venue Coordinator for Weddings


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