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Mission and History of

Chapel in the Pines

Gather in Grace, Grow in Faith,
Serve in Community, Glorify Christ!

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The Mission of Chapel in the Pines

The Chapel in the Pines Church established a Constitution Committee in July 2007 to frame a constitution that would clearly define the Chapel's inter-denominational mission, identity and covenant whereby all Christians of established Christian Denominations are welcome and encouraged to share their religious experiences and theological insights without exclusion. This constitution also requires the establishment and continuation of the visiting pastor program, a defining feature and mission of the Chapel in the Pines Church. 


Chapel in the Pines is a non-sectarian interdenominational Christian Church. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all people in the Red Feather Lakes and surrounding areas to unite in Christian worship, fellowship and service. We are a fellowship of Christian believers enriched by a diversity of religious backgrounds and beliefs that invite pastors of established Christian Denominations to visit our church, to preach, minister, share their religious experiences and theological insights into the good news of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Our fiscal year ends on June 30th and we hold an Annual Congregational Meeting in July to approve the previous annual meeting minutes, the budget for the next fiscal year and Election of members to Church positions.

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The History of Chapel in the Pines

Our church has roots dating back to the 1920s, when a group of summer-time Red Feather Lakes residents gathered in what is now the Chapel Thrift Shop on Ramona Drive.  Built in 1929, services were held during summers by a variety of pastors, many of who became Red Feather area residents. 
In 1961, the congregation had grown to exceed the confines of the building and moved its services to Red Feather School. At this same time, it was determined it was time to build a permanent chapel in Red Feather Lakes. The chapel site was donated by a local family (Swansons) in 1962.
The first service in the new Chapel was held on July 21, 1963.  There were no pews and folding chairs were used until the new pews arrived in 1969.   Services were held with no furnace, no well and no septic system. Our Chapel in the Pines was originally designed to hold summer services only but once-a-month winter services began in 1994.   It wasn’t until 1995 when water services and restrooms were constructed and year-round services began to be held.
The year 1969 also saw the construction of the Chapel manse, a comfortable 2-bedroom mountain cabin that is located on-site that hosts our visiting pastors and their families.
Music has always been an important component of the Chapel’s ministry.  The Chapel’s baby grand piano was donated by Marvin and Kathryn George two days prior to the 1963 opening.  It is carefully maintained and the 130+ year old Henry F. Miller piano still plays beautifully today.
The Chapel’s 3,000 square foot Fellowship Hall was constructed in 2003 and is a desired rental space for weddings, meetings, concerts, workshops and other community events in Red Feather Lakes. This facility features a kitchen, large meeting area, upstairs classroom, restrooms, offices and a full basement.
In 2012, the Chapel in the Pines completed its campus construction with the addition of an enclosed hallway between the Fellowship Hall and the Chapel, new restrooms, a narthex and an additional upstairs meeting room.

memorial gardens

The Swanson Memorial Garden, adjacent to the Chapel grounds was established in 1988. It is the only internment facility in Red Feather Lakes. The grounds host cremated remains and includes a memorial wall for those who wish to rest eternally in Red Feather Lakes.

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